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Mannochmore 10 years aged single cask whisky

Mannochmore 10 years aged single cask whisky

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We're proud to be able to offer this exclusive 10 year old single cask whisky from the prestigious Mannochmore distillery in Speyside.

The cask has been handpicked by our experts and bottled exclusively for our community.

It is elegant yet exploding with flavour, smooth as silk and a joy to drink (responsibly).

Only 391 bottles are available of this rare one of one single cask whisky, which is sure to delight all whisky lovers old and new.

Our expert Whisky taster with well over 30 years of experience has the below notes;

Colour: Think summer's day, white wine with a hint of yellow.

Nose: A quintessential Speyside that gives you a hit of toasted grains and background notes of sweet treacle toffee.

Palate: This lively 10-year-old single cask whisky that draws similarities to diageo's flora and fauna range is an explosion of deliciousness. The combination of sweet toffee complimented perfectly by wildflowers and soft fruit flavours, all chilling on a fluffy cloud of vanilla marshmallow makes it a whisky that’s all too easy to drink.

Finish: A long but gentle smokey finish that goes out with a blast of dried fruit and almonds.

Gordon's Verdict: A remarkable, little-known dram that combines youthful zest with the seriousness of a more mature whisky. From a distillery near Elgin that only started distilling single malt in 1992, Mannochmore will surprise and delight those encountering it for the first time. The lighter, flowery elements make a suitable pre-dinner dram.

More details:

Distillery: Mannochmore
Region: Speyside
AYS: 23/02/2013 - 11 years
Cask Type: Hogshead
Cask no: 2403
ABV: 46.7%
Number of bottles: 391

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  • Only 391 Bottles

    From this exceptional cask, only 391 bottles were produced, so make sure to get yours before they're all gone.

    Once bottled we ship right to your door, so get ready for something truly special.

  • Rare Cask

    This 10 year old cask is a one of one, providing a truly unique experience with its distinct flavour profile found nowhere else. Once listed, it usually matures for a short period before being bottled and then shipped out.

  • Certificate of Ownership

    Each bottle comes with a certificate of ownership that proudly displays the details of the cask you now own a piece of.

    You will also find info about the whisky itself, allowing you to savour every sip with a greater understanding and appreciation of its history and production.

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About the distillery

When it comes to whisky tourism in Speyside, Mannochmore Distillery may not be at the top of most visitors' lists, but that’s all part of its allure. The distillery might not be well-known outside of whisky enthusiasts, however Mannochmore is a hidden gem that offers exceptional single cask whisky for those lucky enough to get their hands on it.Built in 1971 by Distillers Company Limited, Mannochmore Distillery is located next to the historic Glenlossie Distillery in Elgin. Mannochmore's single malt releases are highly sought-after by whisky enthusiasts due to their sheer quality and scarcity.Their single malts are some of the most floral, fruity, and complex out there.
The distillery's use of clear wort, long fermentation, and tall stills maximises copper contact, creating a whisky bursting with flavours of lemon, orange, apples, blackcurrants, and a creaminess that is oh so fulfilling.There’s a reason why people within the whisky community wax lyrical about Mannochmore as they never fail to disappoint.