The Cask Club Programme

A whisky collection is nice, but your own whisky brand is a statement

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have your own whisky available to be shared and enjoyed by your friends and family and people all over the world?

Well this is your chance to finally bring your vision to life and create the whisky brand you always wanted.

In partnership with our partner company The Vintage Whisky group we've channelled our 13 years of industry knowledge to create an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Our vision is to offer a truly unique and immersive experience by putting the decision making back in to the hands of true whisky lovers.

Backed by our multi million pound investment into our own state of the art bonded warehouse and bottling plant in Scotland we’re giving whisky lovers full control of their whiskys future, from its first days in the cask to its grand entrance into a bottle.

With limited spaces available, this truly is a unique opportunity to create something one of a kind and leave your mark on the whisky world.

Stage 1 - Handpicked Cask

Our experts, boasting over 30 years of industry experience, meticulously handpick each cask for our exclusive Cask Club Programme.

Through extensive market research and industry insights we select casks with the potential to delight whisky enthusiasts and showcase remarkable maturity over time.

With our privileged access to Scotland's most prestigious distilleries, this rare opportunity is truly unique.

The cask club programme will have a limited number of spaces available and only specific casks will be released.

Stage 2 - Programme privileges

If you’ve been lucky enough to get one of our limited spaces then this is where the magic starts.

Sit back and let your cask age gracefully while you take full advantage of the amazing benefits from the cask club programme.

The world of whisky is in the dark, yours is in the light

Proof of ownership

  • Certificate
  • Proof of ownership
  • All other documents

Member perks

  • Heavily discounted bottle of Cask & Bottle Co single cask whisky upon signup
  • 10% discount on all Cask & Bottle Co releases
  • Free membership to the Vintage whisky club, including whisky tastings, events and more
  • Access to our private discord group 

Annual Sample

Receive an annual sample on your cask's birthday

Visit your cask

Come and visit your cask and taste it's golden liquid at our brand new facility in Scotland

Bottle for personal enjoyment

  • Taste your whisky to see how it matures and changes over time 
  • Bottle for personal consumption year on year
  • Take delivery whenever you want 

Cask storage

Storage at our own state-of-the-art HMRC registered bonded warehouse in Scotland

Cask maintenance

  • Insurance
  • Regular re gauges
  • All maintenance of your cask included

Cask maturity

Now it’s time to let your cask mature (5 years recommended), guided by market data, ensuring maximum return and exquisite flavour development.

Stage 3 - Aged to perfection and bottled by you

When the time comes and your cask has matured to perfection we’re taking an innovative approach and giving you full control over your unique single cask whisky future.

This is where the experience really comes to life as you’ll have input on everything from bottle design to the actual bottling of your whisky.

Whether you opt for us to do the hard work and handle the marketing and sales of your bottles through our marketplace, or also decide to take delivery for your own enjoyment, the options are endless.

This is more than an experience, this is owning exclusivity

Design your own bottle

  • Design your own label and make it completely personalised
  • We handle all approval of bottle design

Bottle your whisky

Visit our facility and personally bottle your own whisky

Delivery of your own whisky

  • Take personal delivery of as many or as little of your own bottles as you like
  • Delivery can be arranged whenever you want

Marketing of your whisky

  • List your bottles to be sold on our marketplace and through our wholesale partners
  • Pre sales before your cask is bottled
  • We market your whisky through our paid media and PR channels
  • Hassle-free sales with monthly payouts

Cask buy back

Option to sell your cask back to us and our partner network

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