Making Exclusive Whisky Inclusive

Our mission

We are a team of passionate whisky enthusiasts with over a decade of industry experience under our belts.

Our mission is to dismantle age-old whisky stereotypes and bid farewell to clichés. In doing so, we want to cultivate a vibrant, inclusive community that unites seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike in their shared passion for Whisky.

With a focus on enriching our community, we will strive to provide our Cask & Bottle co tribe with an abundance of knowledge and benefits whilst always making sure quality is paramount.

We're here to serve you, our Cask & Bottle co tribe, as we work together to make the world of whisky a more inclusive and exhilarating space for all.

From cask to bottle

Our aim is to share exceptional single cask whisky straight from Scotland's most distinguished distilleries, a privilege we feel lucky to have.

We want to showcase the extraordinary world of single cask whisky and all of the unique experiences that come with it.

With every one of a kind cask boasting it's own unique flavour profile and limited in bottle numbers, you'll truly be able to taste something new and exciting with every release.

By offering individual bottles from each cask, we provide our community with the unique opportunity to own not only a bottle but a piece of cask history.