Unveiling the Mystery of Mannochmore: A somewhat unknown but excellent distillery

Unveiling the Mystery of Mannochmore: A somewhat unknown but excellent distillery

Mannochmore was the perfect choice for our first ever single cask whisky release. The quality of whisky speaks for itself and is loved by whisky enthusiasts worldwide, but how much do you know about this distillery?

Located in Thornshill, Speyside, it was built on the same site as the 19th century Glenlossie Distillery. Unfortunately, Mannochmore's opening coincided with a downturn in demand for whisky, resulting in its mothballing just 14 years later in 1985. Mannochmore was not the only distillery to suffer during this period, as 20 others were also forced to close permanently.

Despite being relatively unknown outside the whisky community and not as picturesque as some of the other distilleries in Speyside, Mannochmore offers exceptional single cask whisky that is highly sought after by enthusiasts. Originally built to produce whisky for blends, Mannochmore has since focused primarily on this purpose, but their single malt releases are renowned for their quality and scarcity.

The use of clear wort, long fermentation, and tall stills maximises copper contact, resulting in a whisky bursting with flavours of lemon, orange, apples, blackcurrants, and a creaminess that is oh so fulfilling. Mannochmore's single malts are among the most floral, fruity, and complex out there, which is why it is considered a hidden gem in the whisky world.

Mannochmore has six steam-heated stills, a cast-iron mash tun with a copper dome, eight larch fermentation vats, and a Porteus mill. Following its mothballing in 1985, the distillery resumed operations in 1989 and has since enjoyed continued success. In the past, Mannochmore and Glenlossie shared employees, with Glenlossie employees working during the winter and Mannochmore employees during the summer. However, since 2007, each distillery has had its own employees.

In addition to producing exceptional whisky, Mannochmore is committed to sustainable production practices. The distillery has implemented a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives, including reducing water consumption, minimising waste, and using renewable energy sources.

While it may not be at the top of most visitors' lists when it comes to whisky tourism in Speyside, Mannochmore Distillery is definitely worth a visit for anyone seeking exceptional single malt whisky. With its rich history, unique production process, and sought-after releases, Mannochmore is a hidden gem that is sure to impress even the most discerning whisky enthusiasts.

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Excellent article.

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“Unveiling the Mystery of Mannochore: A somewhat unknown but excellent distillery” – Spelling mistake of Mannochmore! (missing ‘m’)


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