The Perfect Collection: Rare Macallan 1926 sells for £1m in record-breaking online whisky auction

The Perfect Collection: Rare Macallan 1926 sells for £1m in record-breaking online whisky auction

Hold on to your hats, whisky lovers, because something pretty crazy happened the other year! The most coveted bottle of whisky in existence, the Macallan 1926 Fine and Rare 60 Year Old, sold for a jaw-dropping $1m at auction. That's right, you heard us correctly, one million pounds for a single bottle of whisky!

But that's not all! This special bottle was just one of nearly 4,000 bottles of the rarest, most expensive and coveted single malts in existence that were part of the 'Perfect Collection'. This incredible collection just sold for a whopping $6.67m.

What's so special about this particular bottle, you ask? Well, it's thought to be one of only 14 in the world, making it an incredibly rare find. And it's not just the Macallan 1926 that got whisky lovers' hearts racing. Part two of the 'Perfect Collection' sale saw over 1,500 bidders from more than 50 countries battling it out for over 1,900 lots of some of the most exciting whiskies in existence.

The collection was put together over two decades by late American businessman and philanthropist, Mr. Richard Gooding. He travelled regularly to Scotland to search for special bottles in pursuit of creating the 'perfect collection' - a representation of every Scottish distillery, open or closed. His passion for whisky led him to amass over 3,900 bottles of the liquid gold, making it one of the largest and most significant whisky collections ever to go to public auction.

And what a sale it was! The hammer came down on the 'Perfect Collection', hosted by online whisky auction specialists, Whisky Auctioneer, and it's safe to say it caused quite a stir. Part one of the auction took place in February 2020, fetching a total hammer price of $3.2m, and Whisky Auctioneer became the first online auction house to sell a million-dollar bottle. Part two of the exciting sale, which was initially launched last April but postponed following a major cyber attack, saw two bottles breaking $1m each, including the Macallan 1926.

Ian McClune, founder of Whisky Auctioneer, was over the moon with the results of the sale, stating that it has been a privilege for them to share Mr Gooding's legacy with the world. And the sale clearly shows that their auction model is significantly shaking up the traditional secondary market.

So there you have it, a record-breaking sale that's made history in the whisky world. And who knows, maybe you have a rare bottle of whisky tucked away somewhere that could be worth a fortune!

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Reading on it looks like the Macallan 1926 sold for 1 million dollars not pounds.

Steve Parker

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